Enjoy Simple and Seamless Access to Your Investments

Get a sound money wallet for your gold and silver in Greenwell Springs, Monticello & Denham Springs, LA

Ever wish you had a way to digitally store your gold and silver assets? Now you can thanks to Pelican Silver. We offer a special sound money wallet to our members.

This digital wallet is the first one designed specifically for gold and silver. With our membership, you can get cash for gold or silver straight from your phone or computer. You can also safely and securely make purchases for new gold or silver.

Discover how easy it is to digitally get cash for gold or silver by making an appointment with us.

Enjoy a modern way to buy and trade

Enjoy a modern way to buy and trade

Our sound money wallet makes it easy for anyone to buy and sell gold or silver. Some key features include:

  • Buying and selling for as little as a dollar
  • Buying, selling and transferring instantly between members with no fees
  • Converting your gold or silver to cash or crypto or using it for new purchases

Plus, you can easily add to your wallet with cash, crypto, commissions or Stack & Sell funds. Get in touch with us to create your personal wallet.